A Private, Pre-K-12, Online Learning Community

Why Choose FCS

Whole Child Development

Faith Christian School (FCS) develops the Whole Child: spirit, soul, body, social, and financial. FCS teaches a Bible-based curriculum, encourages students to understand and develop their God-given call, fosters social interaction and development, instructs students on personal finance, fitness and nutrition.

Developing Leaders for Tomorrow

Learners today, leaders tomorrow. FCS offers courses to prepare students for leadership roles. All students are required to take a foreign language and entrepreneurship class.

Tailored Learning Program

FCS focuses on students’ unique interests while providing a well-rounded education. Each student has an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP), tailored to maximize your child’s potential and to support your child’s learning style. ILP’s provide enriched academic opportunities for your child. Students are not limited to their “grade” for all coursework.

S.T.E.A.M. Focus

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics programming is integrated into every classroom. S.T.E.A.M. adds the Arts to S.T.E.M. Arts adds creativity to the curriculum which encourages our students to be analytical and creative.

Share Your Moral Values

FCS believes the Bible is God’s blueprint for how we should live and raise our children. When parents and educators share their educational and moral values, it can create a positive learning environment for your child.

Prayer is Part of Our School Day

Students confess the Word of God daily and are taught the importance of applying the Word to their daily lives.

Teach Children to Think Critically

We teach children to use critical thinking skills and creative problem-solving. We encourage children to ask questions and to understand how things work.

Positive Environment

FCS encourages each student to support one another in their successes and their challenges.

Schedule Flexibility

Students can adjust their schedules to support athletic, music, theater or other unique schedules.

Small Class Size

Students have fewer distractions. Teachers are able to provide personal attention to each student.